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1/2hr - $38.00

No limit on # of animals, just time limit.

Quantity:  at  $38.00  each 

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1hr of Communications - $75.00

No limit on # of animals.

Quantity:  at  $75.00  each 

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Energy/Red Light Session - $145.00

Energy Work, Red Light Therapy, and Communications 90min

Quantity:  at  $145.00  each 

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Group Discount Night - $35.00

Would you like to host a group or clinic at your facility/house? If so please contact Katherine to arrange a time and place. Groups need to be no larger than 8 people, and can be done in a morning session, afternoon, or evening sessions.

Quantity:  at  $35.00  each 

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Missing/Lost - $80.00

Flat one time fee

Quantity:  at  $80.00  each 

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