Horses For Sale/Lease

 Cecil 5 17Cecil and Wrapperwrapper see kids

Full brothers that are being offered as a pair. Both have been handled daily by all ability levels. They are a great matched pair that have worn harness, and begun to longline, both have had equipment running around them, 200+children having recess next door daily, along with the ever popular parachute gym classes! (We live next to an elementary school.) 

Both have been ponied off of other horses, and live in a herd enviornment, they are in a run in situation. Able to blanket free standing, trim free standing, and are used to goats, chickens, wild turkeys, and a small dog. Both have been raised with natural horsemanship skills. 

Wrapper: 12+ rides WTC, roads, trails, traffic, and swims. He is an amazing partner. 

Cecil: extensive ground work, roads, trails, traffic, and swims.  Picture is of first time wearing a saddle.

$3500 pair



Tavish 9 11 10 LFair



For Lease:  Tavish

      17H Blue Roan Clydesdale gelding, age 15 Tavish is available for in barn full or half lease. He rides in a full cheek snaffle, trail or ring. Gentle giant that will go alone or wi others. Parelli games are solid, but always loves to play. Awesome 4H prospect. (In Barn Lease ($400/month)


 MoonyMoony:  (In barn lease)
     Moony is a POA mare that is trail safe, and rides in the ring. She's great with kids of all ages, and is very patient. English or Western.  Lease is $300/month