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Upcoming Events: 


Equi First Aid Courses! 

Level Testing is ongoing, keep eyes on FB for events.




 What are your goals with your horse?

Lessons here are for all ages, abilities, and breeds. The level program ensures a way to track your progress. There are four main legs (Ground, Ride/Drive, Stable, Healing) to the program, each building on another. 

Focusing on:

  • Groundwork  Natural Horsemanship Principals
  • Red Light Therapy/Tensegrity Balancing/Bemer 
  • Confidence (both rider/handler and the horse)
  • Obstacles 
  • Trail Riding 
  • Trailering:  Loading, Unloading  
  • Western:  Dressage, Reining, Team Penning, Sorting, Versatility
  • English: Equitaion, Pleasure, Hunter/Jumper
  • Bareback
  • arizona amelia lay 5 13Drill Team
  • Healing


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Are you interested in having a clinic or group lesson at your facility?   Please contact to schedule today.  



Would you like to learn how to communicate with animals? Please see the animal communications/classes page to sign up now. 

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Please take a peek at the site it runs in conjunction with the communications/energy work. Complete with class times, and location.




Located in Monmouth, Maine USA on 40 acres of pastures and wooded  trails.  Outdoor ring, trails, walking distance to schools, family oriented atmosphere, and quality care. The original barn was built in the 1800's and has been used as the town "Fort" in the beginning.   Sometimes we even find old pumpkin bricks  along the stone walls in the trails. There is a hay "Claw" with a running track in the lofts, and tons of nostalgia here.  


Don't let your loved ones get lost in the big barn shuffle! Stalls or run-ins a re available in our quiet stress free barn where natural equine  living takes place. We offer professional, individual, customized care for your equine.  Be prepared for your  horse to kick back its heels and relax while learning many new things!    

Katherine B. Ludewig has  been riding horses for over 25+yrs in Western, English, Trail, Dressage, and is a Certified Mounted Police Officer.

  Cash and I

" I have studied under the guidance of many different trainers, utilizing the positive training principles to build a responsive relationship for horse and rider.  I believe in the philosophy that the team is continually, effectively, and skillfully communicating with the each other. Always together, working toward the attainable goal(s) that the student and I have set.  The student  becomes the natural leader in the relationship, yet sometimes a humble student of the horse too! Consistency in the team is key to enhancing the horse and rider to further their abilities and education using natural aids, not artificial ones. Healing the horse and rider are just as important as the riding and trainig aspect. Each individual team is wonderful to work with and incorporating the element of fun too!"