Animal Communications 101

Communications 101

  How to Communicate with Animals                          


Introduction to the essentials on how to get in touch with animals telepathically. Clear your blocks to communicating with animals and the levels of communication possible. Learn how to experience animals' perspectives, how you have already communicated telepathically with animals, and how to expand on that. Enjoy exercises and meditations that open your heart, increase your awareness and understanding of animals and your receptivity to telepathic communication. Deepen your communion with all of life. You do not need to bring an animal companion to Part 1.

 Telepathic Animal Communication is a natural and complete way of communication exchange between all living beings...and everyone can learn how.  

This class will teach you about the nature of intuition, the elements of telepathic communication, and key steps you can practice at home.  Most of us who love animals are already experiencing this amazing connection with the animals in our lives, and we simply need to become aware and open our hearts to deeper understanding. 

Learn how nurturing a heart-centered connection can enhance your relationships with your animal companions, bringing clearer understanding about their needs, behaviors, wishes, humor, wisdom, and purpose in our lives.

 Experience what it is like to expand into an entirely new level of communicating with your animal friends. We invite you to open your heart and mind to this natural and intuitive connection!  


   Cost: $450       Location: