Sweet C

 Sweet "C"
Sweet C is a three yr old red roan standardbred filly. She is here for some training and working to get back on the track. Right brain is how she approaches new things, and isn't too sure about the goats... you know how scary they can be!:)  
  C has already joined Dobbin and Cash on a road/trail adventure and did very well, she was also very tired by the time she got back to her buddy Sue. As of the end of June C is advancing in her games and has been able to cross the scary tarp without rushing, play with the ball, and the biggest thing is that she will come up to you first in the pasture! Her relationship is doing much better she will be going to the "track" tomorrow to work on it with Cash. Let's see what we do!
   C has had her first "ride" with (7-17-10). Both were great partners! Sweet C took it all in stride, along with the carrot flavored treats too! C played first without the saddle, then with, and finally A hopped on and C took her for a squeeze through the spools, noodles, and then to the barn. Vola, no sweat ride. Now to work on her balance with a person on top of her rather than behind her in a cart.
   C completly floored me this week while doing a lesson with a little girl... she actually bit the big soccer ball, picking it up and then struck out at it to play with! She was a riot to watch. C is turning into quite the L brainer!
    C has been back at the track since Feb 18th 2011. She is currently enjoying her track time, and is doing 3+miles a day! Look for her this May at SDowns.
   C came back in August 11' as track time had become a torture rather than a "play" time. C has taken right back in to the herd, playing all games enjoying being a horse once again. She has also grown a ton, as her last year blanket is at the tip top of her tail.
    As of July '12 C is now a super trail horse! Karen has put many hours on the ground playing with her, and it has helped her confidence grow. C and Cash went out for a bomber of a trail including deer flies, deer, mud, more mud, and treats. C's also learning to balance at the trot with Karen riding, and will be progressing to the canter soon.
   Jan 2013 C is going strong, and has grown quite a bit. She is able to be taken out intermittently and to be level headed when she does come out. Her new color is orange.
C is doing well with her continuing education however she is for sale, please visit the sale page for more details. Her trail riding has been continually going strong.