Dobbin is a registered Standardbred with a birthday on Valentines day!!! His Registered name is Oil Master... Dobbin loves to go on trails, and loves to be the last one in line. Dobbin is going to be 19 this Feb... he is 15.1hh. He also likes to steal sandwitches from his riders. Dobbin has slowly gained weight, and is looking great. Dobbin has really showed us all his unique personallity! 

    Dobbin enjoys trails with lots of woods time, and going for long trots in the soft sand on the side of the road. Recently he has moved up in the herd, making for some really funny moments. Dobbin is also coming along without his bit, and learning to self collect!

    Dobbin was injured in October of 2010 in his rear R hock. Xrays show that there is fluid in the joint, and upon vet's advice we were looking at tapping the joint. I chose however to wait, Dobbin was very lame in October and over time being secluded from the herd and turned out with Sweet C only was able to heal. As of March 1st 2011 there is no swelling, heat, or lameness at the site of the injury:) YAY!!! He is good to go and Addie is very happy to be back with her buddy.