Moony and Sparky.... Moony is the palomino mare that is 16yrs old. Moony is a great ride, fearless trail leader, but lover of the sweet bites of green grass. Talk about a big trot, this girl floats on air. Moony is working towards going in her halter, but for now works best in a D-ring. 
   As of spring 09' we are working outside the ring in just her halter and only needing the bit in the ring. 
  Moony went to the Monmouth Show, and proved to be a good little girl in the showmanship and trail. It seems that going "round and round" doesn't suit her! Who would blame her though? We continued riding the rest of the day, realizing that the trail classes that help to keep the horse thinking were what worked for Moony.
       Moony progresses to continue her relationship with students. She is the horse to count on with students that are intimidated by size as she loves to just stand and be groomed.
      July '12 we are waiting to see what Moony's baby will look like, she is due August 11, 2012.....daddy is an arabian paint:)Unfortunatly Moony lost the baby some how, yet still looks as round as a house.
   Jan 2013 Moony is doing well and loves living with Howdie.... they are best buds.  Moony is doing lots of lessons this winter when it is above 0. Amelia is riding her more often now too, and can't wait for spring.
          July 2013 Moony is doing well and is still enjoying hanging with Howdie. 
2016 Moony is not slowing down, is growing a very thick coat for winter and has recently started in harness, to which I believe she has done before. 
Spring 2017 Moony has come out of winter looking round :) Her teeth are about as good as they will get at this point, and we will keep a sharp eye on how she is doing with them.