Bloomin' Stars 4H


 Bloomin' Stars 4H

Currently we are not participating in Kennebec County 4H, unfortunatly the openess of practicing Natural Horsemanship is proving to be too much for the head staff to welcome at this time. Possibly in the future when saftey is the main concern for 4H we will be welcomed back as a group.




 Bi-weekly or Monthly meetings addressing all aspects of being around horses, goats, dogs, community and more.   

About 4-H 


4-H is the youth development program of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

4-H is a learning-by-doing program for kids.  Currently, more than 20,000 Maine youth participate in 4-H activities. 4-H offers a wide variety of programs and projects in these categories:

  • Youth in Governance
    (Citizenship & Leadership)
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Science, Engineering & Technology
    (Including a wide variety of animal science programs)
  • Earth Connections & Sustainable Living

How much does it cost to be in 4-H?
Almost all of the cost to participate is provided by federal, state and county tax dollars. In addition, 4-H Youth Development programs receive additional funding from The Pine Tree State 4-H Foundation, and other foundations, organizations and agencies. A variety of fundraising activities also provide financial support.

How are programs delivered?
In addition to clubs, kids can participate in special-interest groups, overnight camping, day camps, school enrichment and after-school programs.

The four "H"s target Life Skills:

  • Head
    Planning & Organizing
    Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Heart
    Communication & Cooperation
    Showing Concern for Others
  • Hands
    Community Service & Volunteering with Others
  • Healthy Lifestyles
    Stress Management & Disease Prevention
    Character Education

For more information on educational programs in your area, contact your county Extension office
holiday parade alpacas 09
     Relationship first is her motto! Sierra is working with her horses Jack, Charlie, Sugar, Ralph, and Sassy, both very different horses. Her riding is coming along while she is also a humdinger of an on-line leader:) She even took Parelli to the Alpaca's~
 Tavish Trot LFFair 9 11 10
     Way more than riding is what she is up to with the horses! Friendly friendly friendly is what she has taken to a new level with Biscuit! Chantel has put the relationship first and succesfully is able to play soccer all over and under Biscuit! Tavish is who she is showing and working on trust and leadership in that relationship:)
Continues to develop awesome relationships with both Biscuit and Tavish, she is going to go far!
 Moony Hallo 10
Abby:   Learning the seven games, getting used to the horses behavior from the ground, and totally rocking out on the trails!  Abby loves Moony, and as you can see are perfect partners.
Emily H:  Getting those games down, friendly seems to be her favorite, along with the walks to get the mail. Emily is doing very well with Sue, and likes to spend tons of time grooming.
Amelie: Likes to groom and play with Moony, even has begun to join  us out on the trail... can't wait to see her go this spring!
Amelia Zona HairAmelia: Loves to ride her pony and play the seven games. Constantly grooming and leading her at the trot. Keeping the "flounder" at bay.





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