4H 2010 Meetings

Nov:   20th    10 am- 12pm       Enrollments and Horseanality!  Bring with you a pen, insurance card, parent or gardian, snack to share, and dress in layers!! We will be both inside and out. If you have any desire to show this summer at the local fairs, your enrollment must be done today... PLEASE  let me know if you can't make it.   (On another note; anyone up for seeing Harry Potter after?)


   4th   1230pm  WINTHROP HOLIDAY PARADE!     Once again we will be going to the winthrop parade. To make it there we use other people's trailers and time, so for this please if you are taking one of the horses offer the driver $5 in gas money please.  Horses available to go are: Tavish, Cash, Biscuit, Dobbin, and Moony.  Horses spoken for are: Arizona (Amelia) please sign up in the barn as to which horse you would like to take. All are welcome to walk along with us, and I do need two people to walk the banner down.  
    This parade starts at 330pm, the top of winthrop hill. There is a line up at the top of the hill at 230pm, and we do leave the barn at 2pm.  Starting at 1230pm horses are groomed, and trailers are packed, along with the horses costumes of glitter, reindeer antlers, and santa hats. Handlers are to wear holiday colors of reds, whites, greens and bring hand/foot warmers.  Last year we went sort of like the Who's from Whoville with our hair way up.  We do not ride in this parade as it is usually so cold that walking warms us up:) 
 DEC 28th     8am -1230pm   Bits and bitting, vitals and pre-purchase!  Looking at all different bits, points of pressure, uses, and reasons to not use a bit. Dr. Jenelle Tirelle will be here to go over how to take vitals on horses, and what to look for in a pre-purchase exam!   Bring with you a snack to share, dress in layers, and binder.