Colors for horses

Did you know horses like colors? All the horses here have a certain color, and it is one that they choose...

 Colors for Horses

Red: promotes deep healing and energy. It is good for blood formation and circulation. Red stones give courage and strength, while aiding in circulation. Ruby, garnets, jasper, can be used. Red is a yang color.

Moony Face mem 08Pink: milder than red, more calming than red, and helps to heal grief and promotes relaxation.

Orange: Vibrant orange is warm and healing, Good for fighting infections; it is said to be anti-bacterial. It is also good for spleen, kidney, and lung ailments. Stones for orange are carnelian, orange in a feminine color.
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Yellow: Good for horses with respiratory problems, also good for nervous system problems. Stones  for yellow are the citrine and is a yang.

Green: Calming, comforting, heals wounds and ulcers, and it is also good for the heart. Green stones are used to calm the animal and restore the “rootedness”.  The most powerful green stone is the emerald. However the malachite has a long place in equine culture to prevent falls. Green is a yin color
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Blue:  Anti-stress is good for disorders of the liver and all problems in the throat area. Blue stones can be used to refine, regulate, and focus energy. They are said to be spiritual in nature and help to turn an earthy horse into a more spiritual horse.  Sapphire, aquamarine, azurite, turquoise are good and a very dark blue stone helps to increase intuition and sensitivity. Blue is a yin color.

Indigo: Balancing color good for all senses especially vision and hearing and the spiritual third eye.

Purple: a transformational color creating a lightness of body that is excellent in hunters or jumpers. Violet stones increase grace and poise, good for dressage.

Black: Stones such as obsidian, jet, and onyx absorb negative energy and help shy awkward horses become more independent. Especially good for young animals.

White: Stones are used to heal the whole horse, and improve general well being. The most powerful is a diamond, but quartz is also effective.