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Rhythm Bead Mane Dangles

     Just a bit of History

Rhythm Beads have been found used in the 1700's. The beads were first used by Native Americans on their horses, for decoration, unity and safety.

Rhythm beads are the perfect horse lovers gift! Works as a training device to help horse and rider improve their rhythm together. It is easy to hear when your horse needs to pick it up or when you need to change your timing. The sound of the bells helps time and count strides. These beautiful beads are a wonderful decoration jewelry and also adds a bit of fun to your tack.
Rhythm beads are racing across the nation in popularity once again. The necklaces have bells which have a calming and relaxing affect on you and your horse. These beads are quite functional as well. They alert other riders on the trail that you are in the area. Wildlife are made aware of your presence, and leave you a clear path. The beads allow you to have a pleasant and uneventful ride. They can also be used as a training tool. Use them to bring you and your horse together as one with a consistent rhythm. The sound of the bells help to find the beat when learning posting or

Rhythm Beads can also be made for ponies and miniatures.

Price: $20.00 per necklace or $8.00 per mane dangle (unless otherwise noted) plus $4.00 for Priority Mail shipping to US addresses. Inquire about shipping costs to international addresses.
Purchase Information: To purchase one of the designs shown or request custom designed, email the artist: [email protected]

Custom Orders: If you need a custom size, particular color combination, pendant or bell type, please describe your preferences via email. Currently, bead components are metal and plastic to allow easy cleaning, reasonable pricing, and maximum safety for the beads and your horse. Glass and/or semi-precious stone beads are available by special order, and such orders will be priced individually, based on the components used. A wide variety of pendants and bead colors/types are available, so let your imagination soar to craft the perfect component choices for your horse.

To measure your horse: from in front of the withers to the center of the chest at the base of the neck (just slightly above where your breast collar hits), double that length. This measurement will tell you how long your Rhythm Beads need to be. Make sure you leave ample room for your horse to extend the neck.

Besides looking downright gorgeous on your horse, rhythm beads have several potentially useful functions. The bells’ soothing jingle may:
    ~Help your horse relax and be less spooky on the trail.
    ~Encourage your horse to run faster on speed events, such as  barrel racing.
    ~Warn wild animals (and hunters) that you’re coming so they may get out of your way (and not shoot you).
    ~Help you and your horse achieve and maintain a steady pace at whatever gait you choose.
    ~Help young horses and riders develop confidence.
~The use of rhythm beads are gaining popularity and   enthusiastic endorsement from endurance, dressage, trail, and barrel racing riders and horse trainers.

How They Work: rhythm beads are equipped with a clips to fasten to your horse’s mane so the beads will stay in place. I suggest keeping an eye on them when doing rigorous riding on trails, or jumping.
What They're Made Of: Each rhythm bead necklace features a beautiful pendant that is typically made of durable pewter, sometimes incorporating colored enamel in the design. The pendant may be chosen to enhance your horse's character, provide protection or power, or suit your personal fancy. Each necklace is designed by Maine artist and life-long horse owner, Katherine L. Murphy.

Size and Fit: The standard 48"-50" length of necklace can be easily adjusted to fit most common horse sizes by using the optional adjustment clip. Other sizes are available by custom order. For a perfect fit, the necklace should lay smoothly from just in front of your horse’s withers down the slopes of the shoulders to the center of where the neck joins the chest. It should neither be so loose that it flops around nor so tight that it restricts movement or blood flow. You can measure the circumference of this part of your horse's neck to determine whether the standard 48" size will fit your horse. 

Rhythm Beads can also be made for ponies and miniatures.

Use and Care: rhythm beads should not be left on an unattended horse, and the creator is not responsible for any injuries that may result from their use. As good horse sense suggests, introduce rhythm beads sensibly to your horse, and do not ask your horse to wear them when riding through heavy brush. As you know, horses get dirty, and so will your necklaces or mane dangles. In most cases, you can just rinse them with water and hang them to dry thoroughly. For stubborn dirt and fly spray buildup, scrub gently with a soft toothbrush and mild detergent, then rinse them with clear water and hang them to dry. Although rhythm beads components are chosen for their long-term durability, they won’t last forever. Attention to their care and cleaning will enhance their beauty and prolong their useful life.